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Description of service
New home loan loan term not longer than 30 years, housing no more than 20 years; the loan amount is assessed value of 70%; lending rates in accordance with the provisions of the rules of the grade with the interest rate for loans over the same period, the benchmark annual interest rate is 5.94%.

mortgage loan terms: House of life within 20 years; housing area of Bank requirements vary; houses have a strong liquidity; General requirements for housing, apartments, shops and offices. Mortgage loans generally require professional real estate company to handle mortgage loans have become an important means of personal finance and real estate, by way of mortgage lending in order to meet consumer demand for temporary or business needs in order to activate the residents ' holdings of real estate, and various financing channels, mortgage lending is still one of the lowest cost ways. According to the real estate secured China's first wholly foreign-owned enterprise installation data provided by the Bank is a company limited by guarantee, mortgage, 30% used to purchase again, miscellaneous accounts for higher order: business uses, car, study abroad and immigration, improvement and purchase of bulk goods.

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