New usury: credit loans combined years of "rate" Super 30%

insiders pointed out that banks credit loans interest rates now may in the year of the 10%-20%, but compound "interest rate" highest will reach the years 30%-50%, which includes account management, financial services, and the interest rates on bank loans are in the highest category

Once dismissed by banks, small loan companies take unsecured unsecured loans to drum up business, now begin to enter the banking field of vision.

"new a loan no mortgage loan, 0 mortgage, only to Bank once can application, most fast one days lending, highest 500,000 yuan, application conditions for 25-55 age and has II generation ID, and has stable of work income, and the good of credit records, and in following area life work: Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, and Beijing, and Dalian, and Nanjing, and Dongguan, and Kunming, and Wenzhou", peace Bank played above advertising, and proposed can online application.

"we is your basic information online, our loan officers will contact you at a later time, and according to the information submitted by you to the dot determines the final loan limit", the reporter called the Green Bank telephone the application hotline, which provides business loan officer details.

then the reporter called the banks customer service and network telephone, in addition to the Shanghai Pudong development bank customer service officer told reporters there is no unsecured unsecured loans, other banks have similar operations.


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