Room business financing for banks stop alert

On Bank issued a notice to suspend all loans for real estate projects has also spread.
is a large real estate companies are not short of money, one side is the small business financing in a difficult situation has been going on for a long time.
on February 23, a report circulating on the Internet files and many threats of a bank to suspend part of the mortgage brokerage analysts spent a research, write reports, convened a conference call of a long weekend.
this document shows: "in the economic downturn, asset price bubbles from growing too big, tight credit policy under balanced conditions, in the event of exposure to dispose of it would be very difficult. In view of the above factors, full stop for all real estate mezzanine financing business and financial business of real estate supply chain, business finance business line to re-examine relevant credit policies and procedures and risk control measures. Before the new policy, suspending supply chain finance real estate business. "
the evening of February 24, Societe Generale issued a statement formally acknowledging the Bank closed mezzanine financing before the end of March.
Societe Generale Bank said in order to further optimize their credit, adjust the structure of assets, after the Spring Festival, the Bank requires the branches stock assets combs and related market research, and will be introduced before the end of March on the basis of this new real estate credit business management policy. Prior to this, the suspension to handle some new real estate credit business. BACK

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