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Education without a mortgage

Education without a mortgage

product definition:
network to the individual customer education, the student loan is issued to the borrower or their immediate family members attended the domestic primary school, secondary school, College, or have been approved for overseas high school, University and studying for a master's degree or doctorate degree required tuition and fees (including overseas travel) RMB consumer loans.

product features: loan terms long, flexible modes of repayment, borrowing the main variety, satisfy the cultivation of students ' parents, the children's education needs.
1, long term: maximum term of up to 10 years.
2, flexible repayment deadline: the first from the loan repayment option with ciji (month) repayment, or from the period of education, income, began to repay, full account of the actual needs of customers.
3, loan principal is diverse: education for 18 years of age may apply by myself, or by their immediate family members, guardians acting applications.

applies object:
borrowing people due local resident account or effective residence identity, has fixed of address, years full 18 age of by education who can by I application or by its immediate family, and guardian agent application; not years full 18 age of must by its immediate family, and guardian agent application, applicants should reputation good, has regular reimbursement loan principal and interest of capacity; immediate family, and guardian application of, must has due of career and stable of income source.

loan amount and duration:
lending (10,000-500,000) lending area (national) period (1-10 years)

interest rate: interest rate 0.8%
month, the annual interest rate 8%


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